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Victory Cheer exists to build leaders physically, mentally, and relationally through the sport of competitive cheer. Since our first season in 2004, the mission of VICTORY has been to strengthen and encourage young athletes to be successful leaders in sport and in life. We are committed to the mental and physical development of each and every athlete. Victory is the largest and most successful All-Star cheer program in Los Angeles County. Over the past 15 years Victory has been awarded hundreds of regional and National titles including 7 invitations to The Cheerleading Worlds. While the hundreds of team awards please us, we are MOST proud of the valuable life lessons we instill in the athletes we coach!!

“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”
John Wooden

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"My daughter came to Victory with no prior experience and is now stunting and tumbling. This is only half of what we have gained from Victory Cheer the most important thing is we have expanded our family! Her coaches have been amazing motivators and role models. The support that these girls and boys are getting from their coaches, their teammates, and the parents/families is what makes Victory Cheer #1!!" Lindsay S.

 "We've been at Victory Cheer since 2007, and honestly we couldn't see ourselves anywhere else. The family environment, and dedication from the coaching staff is what keeps us here. It's not about the size of the gym, but about the family that's inside that makes us Proud 2B VC!" Jamaica F.

 "What we love about Victory Cheer is that the coaches care about all the athletes from minis to worlds level and are always encouraging each athlete to do their best.  For my child Victory Cheer is the best because it is a combination of athletics and stage performance.  She has developed a strong self-confidence and self esteem."   Mary F.

 "We have made friendship that will last a lifetime. Many life lessons have been learned through all-star cheer. My daughters have learned how to overcome difficult moments, challenges, and have made friendships that will last a lifetime. Friendships built upon trust, time, and overcoming difficulties together.  If you are passionate about something you need to make sacrifices to achieve your goals." Joanne B.

 "Victory cheer…the name says it all!  The athletes work so hard and have the medals to show for it. Dedication and sacrifice are required from one and all, and I am proud of them for what they have accomplished." Mark G. 

Victory Cheer