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Amanda Wade

Gym Owner

- BA from University of Southern California

- USASF Certified Levels 1-5

- Fun Fact: Former OU Cheerleader. Go Sooners!! 


Patrick Waugh

Program Director & Head Coach

- Coach At Victory Since 2004 

- B.A. Marketing Cal. State Northridge 

- Coach: Small Senior 5, Sr. 2, And Oversees All Other Teams

- 7 Time World Bid Recipient In Small Sr. 5

- USASF Professional Member  

- Judge For Aloha Productions

- Fun Fact: Did Cheerleading Choreography For Taylor Swift’s "Shake It Off" Video


Kevin Ahern

Head Coach & In-House Choreographer

- Coaches: Sr. Coed 3 and Sr. 5

- Certificates in both Jazz & Modern Dance

- Cheer Coach At La Canada High School

- Cheer Coach Pasadena City College

- Coaching Style: Perform, Perform, And Perform!!! 

- Enjoys Helping Athletes Accomplish Their Goals.

- Fun Fact: Has An Uncontrollable Love Of Cheese


Caitlin Johnson

Head Coach And Flight School Specialist 

- Coaches: Youth 1, Jr. 2, And Sr. HYPE

- A.A. In Communications 

- Cheer Coach At Flitridge Prep

- Coaching Style: The "Flyer Whisperer" 

- Enjoys Helping Athletes Achieve Their Goals 

- Fun Fact: Believed The Apple Logo On The Back Of Her iPhone Was Scratch And Sniff. 


Ally Vandyke

Team Coach And Front Desk Assistant  

- Coaches: Mini 1

- Loves Watching An Athlete Get Excited About A New Skill

- Coaching Style: Fun And Loving

- Fun Fact: Love ALL Things Disney!! 


Jestyne Donaldson

H.Y.P.E Coach & Team Coach

- Coaches Jr. 1, Sr. 1, Mini HYE, And Youth HYPE 

- Coaching Style: Energetic & Goal Oriented 

- Loves Watching The Athletes Develop Lifelong Friendships

- Fun Fact: Attended Worlds 5 Times On Victory's Small Senior Team 


Alyssa Martel

Assistant Coach

- Coaches: Mini 1

- Coaching Style: Fun and Caring

- Loves Helping Athletes Grow

- Fun Fact: Loves To Cliff Jump!! 


Jamie Dillion


- Jamie Dillion is starting her 8th year of working at Victory Cheer.  

- Creates the Victory Flyer, registering athletes for competitions, managing Constant Contact, and much more.  

- Head Team Parent & Head of Parent Club.  

- Fun Fact: Jamie's daughter Emma is in her 9th season with Victory. 


Thomas Wade

Gym Owner 

- CEO of Victory Sports Center

- BA from University of Southern California

- CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

- USASF Certified Levels 1-5

- Fun Fact: Black Belt in Kempo Karate 

Staff - 1 to 9 of 9