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Kevin Ahern


Program Director & In-House Choreographer

- Coaches: Sr. 1 Coach 

- Certificates in both Jazz & Modern Dance

- Cheer Coach At La Canada High School

- Cheer Coach Pasadena City College

- Coaching Style: Perform, Perform, And Perform!!! 

- Enjoys Helping Athletes Accomplish Their Goals.

- Fun Fact: Has An Uncontrollable Love Of Cheese


Jessie Moorehead


25 years of competitive cheerleading and coaching experience. Jessie has coached and choreographed for some of Southern California's most award winning high schools and collegiate teams.  She has also judged many cheer and dance competitions throughout California. 

Coaches from a technical and safety standpoint 

What you love about cheer: There is a place for everyone.

Fun Fact: Jessie is a DISNEY FANATIC!!!

Jestyne Donaldson


H.Y.P.E Coach & Team Coach

- Coaches Youth 1, Jr. 1, And Youth HYPE 

- Coaching Style: Energetic & Goal Oriented 

- Loves Watching The Athletes Develop Lifelong Friendships

- Fun Fact: Attended Worlds 6 Times On Victory's Level 5 Team  


Anyssa Salas


Anyssa has participated in All-Star Cheer for 15 years

She is currently a Sharp Staff Member  

Anyssa was point flyer of Victory Cheer Sr. 5 at Worlds 2012 

Christian Lee


Christian coaches Mini All-Star prep and our International Level 5 team.

Christian has attend the World Cheerleading Championship 3 times as an athlete on a io6 team  

Sydney Castillo-Johnson


Sydney has 7 years of All-Star Cheer experience in Norther California & 3 years of gym across at Azusa Pacific University 

She loves how cheers forms lifelong relationships 

Victory Cheer